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MediManage Consulting is a non-profit organization that offers educational-based services that are designed to empower individuals to take an active role in their own healthcare. The goal is to increase medication adherence, reduce medication-related problems, and improve health outcomes. 

Medication Safety Clinics

Medication Safety Clinics are a great way to bring public awareness of safe medication use. A wide range of topics are covered which includes, but are not limited to, local/national concerns (i.e. opioid epidemic), hypertension, diabetes, kidney disorders, respiratory disorders, and mental health (i.e. ADHD).

The clinics are held in various settings such as community centers, public libraries, schools, healthcare units, and via webinars. 


"It's Not Candy" Workshops 

 According to the CDC, "Each year, thousands of children are treated in emergency departments after finding and ingesting medicine, or after accidentally being given the wrong amount."  

The "It's Not Candy" workshop is a fun and interactive way to train parents, caregivers, school administrators and teach children about mediation safety.   

Book your workshop today and come to learn how protect your family by practicing safe medication use. 

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